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Residents in the Hampton Roads are excited that spring is almost here after a long and cold winter season. What’s not to love about spring? Longer days, blossoming trees and flowers, outside adventures with friends and family, and of course warmer weather! R. A. Styron understands that A/C maintenance is probably the last thing on your brain but it really is a smart decision to prepare for the dog days of summer.

Why, you might ask? Well, for starters having a check up on your system by a professional can help identify small underlying issues before they turn into bigger more costly breakdowns. Having no air conditioning in the middle of the summer is never fun and can even impact your health. Not only could you be avoiding costly breakdowns, your system will most certainly operate longer and more efficiently. A maintained system will save you money on your monthly energy costs, repair bills, and replacement costs.

When you maintain your system with R. A. Styron’s bi-annual or annual maintenance plan, you can rest easy know that your equipment receives the attention it needs and deserves. The benefits of a good maintenance plan will go a long way in saving you money, stress, and time.

What exactly can you expect when having R. A. Styron maintain your system?

Our technicians will provide a 20-point inspection and cleaning of your system. This inspection will not only leave your system running efficiently but will identify any issues that may lead to system breakdowns down the road.

      • Clean condenser coil with coil cleaner.
      • Clean evaporator coil with coil cleaner.
      • Clean and adjust ignition & burner assembly.
      • Test safety controls for proper operation.
      • Clean and adjust blower wheel components.
      • Check fan belt tension and adjust as needed.
      • Check electrical connections and tighten as needed.
      • Measure voltage amps on all motors.
      • Clean condensation drain and treat with anti-algae tablets.
      • Test thermostat wiring.
      • Inspect service valves.
      • Inspect accessible ductwork and seal off if necessary.
      • Monitor refrigerant levels.
      • Measure temperature differences between supply and return.
      • Inspect air filters.
      • Lubricate all moving parts.
      • Inspect compressor for proper amp & volt draw.
      • Inspect capacitors.
      • Inspect contactors.
      • Wipe down system and clean outside and inside system of debris.

Because we understand that not all failures can be identified before hand we also offer special benefits with our bi-annual contracts. Should you find yourself in need of assistance from a professional, R. A. Styron will extend the following discounts and benefits exclusively to our maintenance customers.

      • 10% discount on any heating, air conditioning, or plumbing repairs.
      • Discount of refrigerant.
      • $20.00 off our service charge.
      • Priority customer status.
      • No overtime fees.

What makes R. A. Styron’s maintenance package better than the next?

Not all service contracts are equal when it comes to the inspections itself as well as options available. So, be sure to look at the fine print and options available when shopping around. R. A. Styron offers many benefits that are not available with most other packages.

      • Agreement is transferable to new home or homeowner if sold within the service year.*
      • Discounts and benefits are extended to plumbing repairs as well.
      • Multiple payments options available for all customers and packages.
      • Packages available for all equipment types, both residential and commercial.
      • Discount given for multiple zones installed in a single home and multi-property discounts for rentals.
      • Two hour windows given for all cleanings and a 30 minute call prior to arrival.
      • Satisfaction guarantee.

Is it hard to get pricing and start a maintenance package?

Getting pricing and signing up for R. A. Styron’s maintenance program is quick and extremely painless. You can give us a call or simply send us an email to receive information, ask us questions, or even schedule your first cleaning. In fact, we are so sure you’ll be satisfied we only collect after the first cleaning is completed. Call R. A. Styron today at 757-420-5488 or email us at office@rastyron.com to get started. You won’t be disappointed!


*If transferred to newly purchased home, home must be in current service area. If transferred to new homeowner it is that persons responsibility to contact R. A. Styron to update customer information.

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