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The Top 6 Things You should NEVER Put Down your Drain

We get calls so often from customers with stopped by drain lines. More often than not, this problem is caused by people putting things down their drains that should not be there. Even with a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen sink, you should not be putting things like potatoes peelings and other bits of food left on dishes. Avoiding clogged drains is as easy as not putting things down them.

To help, we have listed the top 6 things that we often see causing clogs. These things should NEVER be put down a drain, garbage disposal, or not.

1. Grease

Though it might sound counter-intuitive, grease poured down the drain will actually clog your drain like nothing else. Once the grease is cooled, the fat congeals into a big blob, and blocks your drain quite effectively. Grease is one of the top 3 things that our plumbers see clogging up residential and commercial drains.

2. Food Scraps

Because of the organic nature, most people think that food scraps will eventually disintegrate. This is simply not true. Generally they will clump together forming a mass and blocking your drain. Potato peels, egg shells and leftover pasta or noodles are classic examples. Even coffee and tea tend to clump together and clog drains, so it’s a better idea to just throw the grounds out with the trash instead of washing it down your drain.

3. “Flushable” Wipes

There are plenty of products out there that label their wipes as flushable. Unfortunately, we have found that many people find themselves with clogged drains due to these wipes. Baby wipes or other wise, you never flush these down the toilets. Along with grease, wipes are one of the other top 3 things our plumbers see most often when clearing drain lines.

4. Hair

This is a no-brainer. Human hair is one of the biggest problems that contribute to blocked drains. When you have long hair, make it a point to clean the drain-filter regularly so that you reduce the chances of the hair getting washed down and blocking the pipes. Hair can mesh into a ball and attract other items, and then lead to severe blocks in the drain pipes. If you’re in the habit of trimming your hair at home, make sure to collect the cut hair and dispose it off in the garbage. You will saving yourself some serious trouble down the line.

5. Personal Hygiene Products

Though it might seem like stating the obvious, this does happen – people flushing away used personal hygiene products and condoms, and then calling in the plumber for clogged drains. A little bit of care in disposing of personal care products and condoms can save you a major expense in clearing a clog. Female hygiene products in particular are not only one of the top 3 most common causes of clogged drains, it is the top most common cause. If asked, any plumber will tell you they see this as the cause of drain line clogs more than any other reason listed here or other wise. Any type of hygiene product should not be flushed at any time for any reason, unless of course, you want a visit with your friendly plumbing technician.

6. Chemical Products

Many people run to the local hardware store and pick up drain cleaning products when they notice slow draining sinks and toilets. While they do not cause clogs, we could not leave them off of this list. These products can and will cause damage to your drainage system after continued use. The chemicals used in these solutions can eat away at your drain lines and cause holes and corrosion leading to much worse problems. You can always try using vinegar to keep your drains de-clogged instead of chemicals. Pour some vinegar down the drain, and after 30 minutes, follow it up with some boiling hot water. If you do use any of these chemicals and still have to call for professional help, be sure to inform the technician prior to any working starting. When the chemicals are unable to clear the blockage, they are just sitting in your drain and can easily cause harm to the plumber attempting to clear the clog.

Following these simple precautions while disposing household waste will help you and your family avoid clogged drainpipes other plumbing problems. If you do still find yourself with clogged or slow drains you can find help on clearing them yourself here. No luck with DIY? No fear, call us today to schedule with one of our seasoned plumbing professionals. We have all the tools and machines available to clear any drain or clog. You can even save $20.00 instantly just by contacting us through our website.

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