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Summer has officially arrived in Hampton Roads! You can feel it when you walk out of your home in the morning. The sun is up and bright right along with the humidity. With summer comes air conditioning season. Making sure your system is ready for the heat waves summer is sure to bring Tidewater is of the upmost importance. Make sure your system is ready with these handy HVAC tips. 


Much like air filters, condenser coils can become dirty causing your system to run ineffectively. The condenser coil’s job is to let off the heat outside so that the refrigerant can cool off. If the coil is blocked the heat cannot be released halting the process of cooling the refrigerant and your home. Even if the coil is not completely blocked the system may still cool your home but it will take much longer. If you notice the coils looking dirty or packed with dirt or grass just spray it down with a garden hose to knock all that dirt off. We suggest checking them after doing yard work.


While it’s already gotten pretty warm in Tidewater this year some homeowners have yet to run their air conditioning. If you haven’t ran your a/c yet, turn it on now to be sure you have cooling. Once you have the system running in cooling mode listen for any unusual sounds. Let the system run for an hour to two to be sure that it is starting to cool your home to the desired temperature before shutting it back off. If you think it is not cooling properly or you’re hearing unfamiliar sounds cut it off and schedule a service call. Many homeowners find themselves stuck with no a/c in the middle of a heat wave because they have decided to wait until the very last minute to turn their system on.


The best way to prevent premature breakdowns is having it serviced twice a year by a licensed knowledgeable professional. Typically, maintenance is performed in the spring and fall before the weather changes. A good maintenance check up should leave your system cleaned and running as designed by the manufacturer. While breakdowns are sometimes unpreventable a well maintained system will run smoother and last so much longer saving you money in several ways. R. A. Styron has a comprehensive 20 point inspection program to get your system in tip-top shape. You can learn all about our program, here.

Rather you need routine maintenance or a repair to your air conditioning, you’ve come to the right place. R. A. Styron Heating & Air has a full staff of knowledgeable licensed professionals ready to help. After almost 70 years in the business you can count on us to be here for you right now and down the road. Check out our Google reviews, here, for a quick look at our track record. Scheduling your appointment is easy with both phone and email options available.




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