The Return Of Pollen Season & Your A/C | R. A. Styron | Chesapeake, V.A.

If you have lived through any Spring in the Hampton Roads area you know what you are in store for. Pollen, pollen, and more pollen. Did I mention pollen? Yes, the days of yellow covered cars and anything else outside is swiftly approaching our area. Unfortunately, all that pollen in the air will quickly invade our living spaces making allergy sufferers suffer that much more. Thankfully there are ways to combat the yellow monster from wreaking havoc in your home!

It’s virtually impossible to keep your home totally pollen free. Luckily, there are some ways to keep the indoor pollen level tolerable. Here are just a few:

1. Keep windows and door closed.

Let’s face it, come spring most Tidewater Residents are ready to open up their windows and doors letting some of that glorious fresh air in! But along with that fresh air you are also allowing pollen and other allergens into your indoor space. But, never fear! If you are like me and you simply MUST have the fresh air; there are some steps you can take to knock down the amount of pollen entering your home.

  • Check your local weather report looking for days that the pollen index will be at its lowest and plan your fresh air days around that.
  • Look into window screens that specialize in blocking allergens from entering your home. Most often, you can purchase these specialty screens by the roll or retractable units to fit any size window.
  • Dust and vacuum often! Sometimes the simplest of tasks makes the biggest difference. Once you close your home up for the day and BEFORE you turn your A/C back on, vacuum carpeted areas and dust surfaces that tend to collect the most dust or pollen.

2. Change your HVAC filters, often.

The majority of homeowners do not change their filters often enough or well, let’s be honest, ever. These filters are the last defense in the war on dust and allergen particles circulating your home. Your air conditioning system does not pull outside air indoors, it simply circulates your indoor air over and over again.  Once your filter is clogged you’ll not only notice mechanical issues with your system; the indoor air quality will also greatly diminish. Filters come in all shapes and sizes with some specializing in containing allergens for those with respiratory problems. If you are a regular filter changer you might even think about checking and/or changing them even more often this time of year.

3. Schedule seasonal maintenance.

Scheduling maintenance for your system has many advantages and cleaner air quality is one of them. Even if you are a regular filter changer your system will begin to show signs of dust and particle build-up in and around your system, especially the coils. Air blowing across your coils is how your system heats or cools the air in your home. When build-up occurs your system will start to run less and less efficiently and is continually circulating all of the those particle throughout your home. A good maintenance technician will leave your system cleaned and running correctly. Some companies even offer a years supply of filters for your convenience.

R. A. Styron Heating & Air of Chesapeake, VA has a maintenance program for all equipment types with several options on plans and payments. R. A. Styron offers multiple discounts and priority service all maintenance customers no matter what tier of maintenance you chose. With hundreds of homeowners in Hampton Roads choosing R. A. Styron for their maintenance and upkeep, our service department stays fully stocked and ready to help.


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