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Hampton Roads area residents know that we really only have two seasons, summer and winter. All too often we hop right over spring and fall right into winter (see what I did there?). Luckily, this year we seem to be enjoying a bit of spring weather but don’t get too complacent, summer is definitely on the way. Very soon homeowners like you will be seeking the relief from the blazing summer heat that can only come from your central air conditioning system. There are a few things that you can do to test your a/c for proper operation prior to the season really kicking off.

Checking your system now will give you ample time to make sure it’s running properly or schedule a repair service should you find that you need it. There are a few simple steps you can take to visually and physically inspect your system to ensure the air conditioner will cool your home when you need it the most.

Lets start with the indoor unit. Be sure to set your thermostat in the “off” position before starting:

  • Since you are already at your thermostat, take a good look at it. Is it outdated? Installing a new programmable thermostat will save you money on your energy bill. Our blog, here, will help you decide which thermostat would be best for you and your home.
  • Check your exposed ductwork for the wear and tear. Small breaks, tears, or rips in your ductwork will lead to less cool air making it to your air vents causing your a/c to work harder. Some repairs to ductwork can be made easily, others may need to be made by a professional. Your blog, here, will help you make repairs or decide to call in a professional.
  • Look around your air vents or registers in your home. They should all be clear to allow maximum airflow. Be sure that they are not blocked by drapes, furniture, or toys. Closing off vents to unused spaces in your home is highly discouraged. Our blog, here, will explain why.
  • Change your air filters! This is a biggie. Too many homeowners neglect their filters so long that they become completely clogged allowing no air to flow through. Letting them become dirty and clogged will lead to system breakdowns and higher energy bills. Our blog, here, will help you change and pick the right filter for your system and needs.

Now lets move on to your outdoor system. Be sure your thermostat is still in the “off” position.

  • Inspect around your condensing unit. Clean up the area around your outdoor unit. Leaves, vines, toys, pet hair, etc. can block the interior components and affect the performance.
  • Visually inspect the refrigerant lines. They should always be insulated to ensure proper operation and improve the efficiency of the system.
  • Make sure the electrical wiring looks to be in good shape. Wear and tear or damage to the electrical wiring should always be repaired immediately by a professional.

Once you have completed your assessment, let’s turn the A/C on.

  • Go back to your thermostat. Lower the temperature and switch it over to “auto”. After a short delay, you should hear your system kick on.
  • Go back outside and listen to make sure the outside fan is running and doesn’t sound irregular. Additionally, you should feel warm air being pushed out of the system at the top of the unit.
  • Finally, let your system run for 10-15 minutes. Go back around your home making sure you feel cool air blowing from all of your registers. You should also feel the temperature beginning to cool off in parts of your home.

Hopefully, you now know that your a/c will work when you desperately need it. If you ran into you issues during your assessment you luckily have time to get a service or maintenance call scheduled quickly. Give R. A. Styron a call today to schedule with one of our knowledgeable service or maintenance technicians today!



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