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Properly working plumbing in your home is vital to living comfortably. When plumbing problems arise most homeowners are in a panic to have the repairs made immediately. But before you dive in head first, make sure you choose a plumber that will fix your problem instead of creating a bigger one! Whether you have a large or small job, picking the right plumber will ensure your repair is made correctly. Hiring a experienced, qualified, and licensed plumber is essential.



In the state of Virginia (and most others) plumbers are required to hold multiple types of licensing. Homeowners often think of checking on a business license but that is only one of three they must carry. Along with the business license, all plumbing companies have to carry a contractors and master plumbing licensing. The master plumbing license shows they are trained and tested to have the knowledge to repair plumbing to state codes. Contractors licensing shows they understand and know the laws enforced to conduct business as a contractor in the state of Virginia. Both are obtained and regulated through The Department of Occupational Relations (DPOR).

Any license through the DPOR can be quickly verified through their website, here. Not only can you look up the validity of the license, you can also check for any disciplinary actions taken against that company.


Plumbing companies are legally responsible to hold liability insurance. This insurance is in place to protect you and the plumbing company in the event of an accident or property damage. Any company you are thinking of hiring to perform work at your home should be able to show proof when requested.


Check on the amount of experience they have under their belt. An experienced plumber will most certainly be able to perform better and quicker repairs than someone just starting out. Experience is something you will definitely  want when hiring a plumbing professional.


There is no better way to get a feel of a company than through their reviews! Companies with hundreds of reviews will more than likely have been in business for quite some time. Positive reviews will show that they do quality work, show up on time, have good customer service, and whether they are moderately or overly priced. I always recommend reading both the good and bad reviews.


In the past all plumbing companies worked and priced at an hourly rate. Nowadays all (or most) plumbing companies price all jobs on a flat rate fee. Because of this, plumbing companies will charge a service fee to come out, assess the problem and provide a flat rate price to repair. Should you decide to move forward with the repair the service charge should be waived leaving only the cost of the repair. If you have a larger plumbing repair like a water heater replacement, sewer line replacement or something of that nature most companies should and will provide an onsite quote at no charge.


R. A. Styron has many years experience in both the plumbing and HVAC fields. Our technicians pride themselves on a job well done and happy customers and the reviews speak for themselves! Give us a call today to schedule your service call with one of our highly experienced plumbers. Our upfront pricing and warranty provided on all repairs will make this plumbing problem one of the easiest you’ve ever gotten through.

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