Flooding and Your Outdoor Unit | R. A. Styron | A/C Specialists

Here in the Hampton Roads area we seem to be in for a large amount of rain and/or flooding. Along with providing professional air conditioning installation and repair services, our technicians strive to educate clients about everything and anything possible that the homeowner may want or need to know. Keep an eye out for the following ways in which flooding can affect you’re a/c, and don’t hesitate to contact us today with your concerns.

Electrical System Failures

One of the most obvious ways that water can damage your AC is by shorting out electrical systems. In the event that flooding causes your compressor motor to short circuit, you will likely need to replace it. If some of the electrical components were submerged in standing water, you will need to remove them to check for corrosion as well. Because the flow of electricity can cause more damage to a flooded unit, it’s a good idea to shut off the power to your system until you can arrange for an experienced technician to look it over.

System Deterioration

Additionally, flooding can affect the internal workings of your air conditioning system. Over time, standing water can cause system components to erode or even deteriorate. Eventually, the air conditioner may suffer a complete breakdown.

Unfortunately, even if your AC system appears clean and dry, it could be suffering from water damage. After flooding, homeowners should have an expert inspect all switches, valves, and coils for damage before using their systems again. You should also check your ductwork for water buildups that could lead to future mold issues.

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