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City Inspection – Why Is This Necessary? | R. A. Styron Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. | Virginia Beach VA

When you have a new HVAC installation in your home or business, part of the process involves having a city inspection.  You might wonder why?  Here is why cities require permits and inspection for HVAC installation:

HVAC Installation is Complicated

Installing a new HVAC system is not a DIY project. Removing an old HVAC system and installing a new one involves a lot of work and expertise.  Installers need a thorough knowledge of electrical systems as well as air conditioning and furnace operation. Making sure that you have the correct HVAC system for your home is also important.

Law Requires City to Inspect

Laws require city inspection of many home renovation projects including installation of HVAC systems. The inspection process for a city is designed to make sure that all buildings are safe.  The process most cities require is:

  • Submit a plan
  • Get a permit
  • Do the installation
  • Have an inspection.
  • Approval or changes suggested (requiring re-inspection)
  • Permit closed

Since HVAC systems involve installers to have a thorough knowledge of electrical systems as well as heating and cooling systems, you want to make sure you hire a quality company to do your work. You want a company that can do the project right the first time.  Make sure the company is licensed, trained and insured. Expertise in HVAC installation and familiarity with city codes will also make the project go more smoothly.

City Inspection Ensures Codes Followed

While getting a city inspection of your new HVAC system seems like jumping through a hoop, in reality, the process of city inspections of buildings makes sure that you and your city comply with state, federal and local building codes.  More importantly, inspections make sure that the project was done correctly.  An experienced HVAC installer will know how to comply with city inspection rules and will be happy to fill out all of the paperwork for you.

A city inspection of all HVAC installations keeps everyone safe, and making sure your new HVAC system is installed by the experienced professionals at Paschal will make that inspection go quickly and easily.

For more information on having a new HVAC system installed in your home contact us at R. A. Styron Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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