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Year-round comfort of your home greatly depends on the heating and cooling systems in your home. Often times, we are asked why should I replace the heating system when the cooling system dies and vice versa? Some homeowners are tempted to replace only the system that is giving them the most trouble. It’s easy to think that you’ll save money by waiting to replace the other system down the road when it starts to fail. However, replacing both systems – even if one is still working – can save you money and energy in the long run.

As always, it’s best to learn about the features of new technologies and to get good, expert advice about the best choice for your wallet and your home. There are clear advantages to replacing the furnace and AC together for maximum benefit.Heating and air conditioning systems being manufactured today are highly efficient, thus using much less energy than systems built just 10-12 years ago. By replacing just one part of your overall HVAC system, you effectively lower the performance of both systems. Mixing old and new technology can decrease system performance. When you couple a new, highly efficient system with an older system, the components don’t “match,” and you won’t be utilizing the new technology to its full potential.

You’ll also save money with a “matched” system because, quite simply, all the components are designed to work together for maximum efficiency over time. If repairs are necessary both systems will be under warranty and overall, new systems will require few to no repairs. The installation process will be less complicated and involved. When replacing one system now and the other later your installation costs will inevitable be higher. 
Matching a new system with an old, inefficient system could potentially decrease the life span of the new system you just invested in as well. Make sure you fully understand your warranty. While it is rare, some manufacturers are not obligated to honor warranties of new systems that are combined with older systems if they break down during the warranty period. Replacing both systems at the same time will ensure you have the protection of your warranty if you should need it.
The overall value of your home can be improved by maintaining compatible systems for heating and cooling, as well. For maximum efficiency and cost savings, replacing the furnace and air conditioner at the same time, when possible, gives you reliable comfort and modern convenience.
So, generally speaking, two new systems = one comfortable home. In the end, it is ultimately your decision on which route to choose. Just make sure you take everything in consideration when weighing your options from pricing to performance.If you are shopping for a new system, R. A. Styron offers free consultations and pricing on replacing one or both systems. Give us a call at 757-420-5488 or visit our website to schedule your visit with one of our specialists today.

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