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If you live in the Hampton Roads area, specifically Chesapeake, there’s a good chance you have “hard water”. If so, installing a water softener is your best line of defense.

Water that contains a large amount of minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, lead, sulfur, and limestone is often referred to as “hard water”. While hard water is not technically unsafe, there are many downsides to having it in your home. It can wreak havoc on your appliances, drainage system, and even your person.

Hair & Skin Problems: 

Hard water makes it difficult to completely rinse soap form hair and skin causing dryness. People who suffer from sensitive skin, eczema, or psoriasis will experience an even greater issue due to dry skin. Continued use can cause your hair to become limp, straw-like, dull, and can even thin your hair out over time. Skin conditions like acne can even present itself when typically it wouldn’t.

Laundry Issues: 

Detergent, just like soap, simply doesn’t work well with hard water. The minerals hamper the effectiveness of detergent to clean and rinse off of your clothing properly. Calcium and magnesium prevent water from mixing with detergent to form a solution resulting in soap scum being left behind. You will start to notice clothing becoming dull and discolored. Towels will feel hard and scratchy. Not to mention more skin irritation because of the soap scum that is left behind on your clothing.

Bad Smell & Taste: 

The smell of sulfur in water is often described as a rotten egg smell. Doesn’t sound too appetizing does it? It can even often look cloudy and discolored. When using hard water to cook food or brew drinks, it can often cause your food or drink to taste differently. While there are no known health risks directly related to consuming hard water there are suggestions it can worsen certain health conditions. In fact, some of the minerals present in hard water can have a positive effect on your health. That’s if you can get past the off putting taste, smell, and look.

Plumbing Headaches: 

The magnesium and calcium can cause buildups resulting in slow and clogged drain lines. The buildup can also occur in the water line itself causing low water pressure throughout your home. Water heater efficiency issues are probably the biggest plumbing problem you may experience. Just like your water and drain lines hard water causes scaling inside your water heater drastically lessening the efficiency levels. Water heaters are generally the second biggest consumer of electricity in your home. Electric water heaters can lose approximately 21% of it’s efficiency and gas heaters about 29%. This results in drastic increases in your monthly energy bills.

So, what can you do to prevent these headaches?

By installing a whole-home water softening system you can avoid all of that nastiness. They “soften” the water by eliminating these contaminants. These systems are installed in conjunction with your water heater providing softer water to your whole home.

Installing a water softening system will save you money in many ways. You’ll use up to 75% less laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, and other cleaning products daily. Residents who have hard water in their home often find themselves replacing the water heater more often than those who use a water softening system. Not to mention the monthly savings on your energy bill with the increased water heater efficiency. Even smaller appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and coffee makers can see a shortened lifespan due to hard water. Plumbing repair costs to your drain and water lines can mount up quickly due to the buildup of the increased minerals present in hard water as well.

With all of these avenues of saving money you are sure to see a return on the funds spent in installing a softening system. Not only will your wallets be happier, you’ll have no more soap build up, skin irritations, or smelly water!

R. A. Styron has installed/replaced thousands of water softening systems in the Hampton Roads area over the last few decades. If you are interested in installing a new water softening system or debating having your current system replaced contact R. A. Styron today. With our flat rate competitive pricing you will know what you are spending upfront with no surprises at the completion. We even offer great workmanship and manufacturer warranties on all units installed.

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