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The New Year is here and with that comes all sorts of New Years Resolutions. Rather you decide to make saving money yours or not, lowering your utility bill costs is always a great way to ring in the New Year. Ready to start saving?

Here are a few HVAC and plumbing related money saving tips and tricks.

Replacing old outdated HVAC equipment – Heating and air conditioning equipment technology continually evolves becoming more efficient and cost effect every year. Most consumers decide to continue running and repairing their current system to save money on replacement. Unfortunately most often these customers end up spending much more than necessary in repairs and higher utility bills. Replacing your outdated system can save the average family $500.00-$1,000.00 annually on utility bills alone. You’ll be saving more then just on your utility bill, repair costs can pile up quickly too.

Repairing or replacing old leaking ductwork – Many times heating and air conditioning systems are replaced and the ductwork is neglected. It’s been found that often upwards of 30% of your airflow is lost to damaged ductwork resulting in much higher than necessary utility bills. Fixing old ductwork that is leaking air, twisted/flattened out, under insulated, or improperly designed can instantly save you money on utility bills and even prevent possible costly repairs. We have a detailed blog on what ductwork is and common problems homeowners see, here.

Regular heating and air conditioning maintenance – I know, I know, we are suppose to be talking about saving money, not spending it. Many people think that spending money on heating and cooling maintenance is a waste, but trust me, it’s not. Routine maintenance can save you money in so many ways you’ll be amazed. First, routine maintenance is fairly inexpensive and can usually be paid by signing up for monthly payments. By paying a small monthly fee you will be saving on your monthly utility bills, costly repairs, and even extending the life expectancy of your current system. Most of these programs even coming with added perks and discounts should a problem occur. We have listed some DIY fall and spring maintenance listed here or give us a call to inquire about our maintenance package we offer here at R. A. Styron.

Upgrading your water heater – Water heaters have come along way in efficiency levels in the past few years. Back in 2015 the U.S. Department of Energy updated their efficiency standards for all water heater manufacturers. All water heaters produced after April 2015 are required to have a 3-30% higher efficiency level. You can also look into purchasing a tankless water heater for even more monthly savings. While the cost to install tankless is higher, in the long run your savings will definitely add up. We have listed all of the pros and cons on tank vs. tankless here.

Water Saving Appliances – There are loads of appliances now that save on water and energy, both. From toilets to faucets to dishwashers and washing machines the options are endless. Look for water savings and energy star labels and stickers when appliance shopping. The cost difference is minimal but the payback is huge.


Deciding to save money and helping the environment can be started anytime of the year. Call us today to schedule your appointment for any of the above. R. A. Styron is your local Hampton Roads go to company for all things Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing.

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