Three Signs Of a Broken Sewer Line | R. A. Styron | Virginia Beach, VA

Your home’s main sewer line is buried beneath the yard or a driveway, making it more difficult to identify a possible broken sewer line. Here are a few indicators that your sewer line could be broken:

Every now and then, your toilet, kitchen sink or shower can experience a drain that gets a little plugged up, in these instances a clog can be a quick fix. However, when a clog becomes a chronic occurrence, especially in multiple drains, or if water is draining slowly throughout your home, this could be a sign of an obstructed sewer line.

A leaking sewer line can be caused by a break or collapse. However, a leak is often caused by a tree root that has penetrated the piping. Some of these leaks are harder to detect than others, especially in areas where the sewer line is buried very deep underground. Not all broken sewer lines are visible to the naked eye but soggy ground is often your first sign of real trouble.

You might not always be able to see a sewer line problem, but chances are pretty high that you will smell it. Any strong sewer gas odor that permeates your home is a sure sign of a plumbing problem that needs to handled very soon. This could be a sign of a sewer line clog, as backups will often push smelly sewer gases up drains. However, if the odor is especially potent in the yard, the more likely scenario is that the sewer line is leaking. Often sewer lines break under home with crawl spaces and goes unnoticed until the smell become strong enough to infiltrate your whole home.

If you experience any of these problems in your home, it’s time to call in a professional. Plumbing experts now have the capability to detect and pinpoint sewer line breaks with camera equipment. Sewer line replacement and repairs are serious business,  so it’s important that you hire a professional who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and licensed. All sewer line replacements must be permitted and inspected by the city to ensure proper installation.

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