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We’ve gathered the most common plumbing questions we’ve heard from clients over the years. These are the top 5 questions along with their answers!

Can I change the temperature on my water heather?

Customer’s often ask if they can turn the temperature on their water heater up or down. The answer is yes but with some reservation. All water heaters are typically preset to 120°F at the factory which should be sufficient for most homes. Turning the temperature up too much could result in you or one of your family members scalding themselves. Turning the temperature up is a pretty simple task for most models. Gas water heaters usually have a dial on the front of the gas valve, typically in red or black. Electric water heaters will have two thermostats covered by panels. Be sure to cut the electricity off to the unit prior to performing any maintenance because of the potential of exposed wires behind the panels.

There’s a rumbling sound coming from my water heater, what is it?

Sounds coming from your water heater are most likely an indication of sediment build up in the bottom portion of your water heater. This sediment can begin to boil if water is trapped in it causing the rumbling sound you are hearing. Sediment buildup is a result of your water heater not functioning properly. Before replacing the unit you may be able to drain a few gallons of water off the bottom of the tank. All water heaters have a valve at the bottom of the tank so they can be drained. Attach a hose to that valve and allow the water heater to drain for 5-10 minutes to the outside of your home or in a tub. Be aware that the water coming out of the tank is very hot and could burn you. The hot water could also kill grass if drained into your lawn or crack your toilet bowl so never drain them into your commode.

What is that white stuff around my shower head and faucet?

Mineral deposits can easily buildup around and on shower heads and faucets leaving them unsightly! All tap water has a certain amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium that will leave the white buildup when the water evaporates. Residents that live in cities like Chesapeake, VA may experience this more frequently because of “hard water”. Placing a bag filled with a cup of vinegar over the shower head or faucet overnight will remove any buildup. After removing the bag the next morning simply brush away the deposits with an old toothbrush.

What is that foul odor coming from my garbage disposal!?

Garbage disposal smells are a pretty common occurrence and rarely means they need to be replace. Food buildup within the unit itself is usually the cause of smells. There are several quick and easy ways to rid your disposal of this smell. Place the peel of a lemon, lime, or orange (cut into small thin strips) or ice cubs and run the unit for about 30-60 seconds. While the disposal is running squeeze a bit of liquid dish soap into the disposal. Once you have done that simply run cold water down the drain for another 30-60 seconds. Now you should have a fresh and clean smelling disposal again.

My water bill seems kinda high, do you think I have a leak?

High water bills could be a sign of a few different issues. You could be experiencing something as simple as a leaky toilet. By dropping a few drops of food coloring into the tank of the toilet you can easily diagnose this problem. Let it sit for 30 minutes or so and check the bowl to see if any color has seeped through. If you can spy some of the food coloring you definitely have a leaky toilet. Changing the flapper should solve your leaking toilet problem and most homeowners are able to do that on their own. Our blog, here, walks you through the process. If that is not the problem your next step should be to call in a professional to check for a leak.

There you have it. The top 5 most common questions asked by homeowners. If you have a question for one of our experts please do not hesitate to give us a call. R. A. Styron is always here and ready to help our Hampton Roads family. Reach us through our website, email, or phone at 757-420-5488. If you are using your smart phone you could even text us by searching for us on Google!




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