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Having low water pressure in your shower, faucets, or even your garden hose can be frustrating! We know many of our customers, whether they have well water or city water, have experienced this before. But what’s causing it?

We’ve gathered a list of reasons why you could be experiencing low water pressure in your home.

1) If you’re experiencing low water pressure in one specific place, such as a faucet or shower head, it may be as simple as the aerator screen needing to be cleaned.

Most modern faucets and shower heads are built with an aerator located at the tip. An aerator is an important component of any faucet or shower head simply because it saves water, filters out debris, and prevents splashing. Mineral deposits in your water can cause these aerators to become dirty and can produce buildup, which reduces your water pressure. You can easily clean your aerator screens by disassembling and begin soaking it in white vinegar for several hours.

2) If you have an old outdated shower head it may be time to think about replacing it.

If you haven’t changed out your shower head in decades or if you’ve installed a low-flow shower head these could be two reasons why you’re experiencing lower water pressure. Changing the shower head is a fairly easy process but I do recommend watching this video Home Depot posted, first. It very quickly and accurately walks you through the process.

3) If you notice low water pressure on multiple fixtures, you may have a leak.

Many times significant leaks in your home can go unnoticed until you start experiencing low water pressure along with an increase on your water bill. Water leaks can often go unnoticed until it becomes a larger problem. If you have both low water pressure and high water bills it is best to call a plumber in right away. Plumbing professionals have specialized equipment to find unseen leaks and pinpoint the location for repair to avoid unnecessary added damage.

4) There could be corrosion inside your pipes.

Over a period of time corrosion and buildup can happen inside the old pipes, especially if they’re galvanized, in your home. Replacing old and corroded pipes can drastically improve your water pressure. If you have an older home and are thinking about a complete overhaul of your plumbing be sure to do your homework, first. The company you hire should be licenced, insured, and bonded. Permits should be pulled with follow up inspections to ensure proper installation. Most plumbing companies do not include wall, floor, or ceiling repairs in their estimates so be ready to tackle that as well; although many times they have good recommendations, so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Any reliable company will be able to offer free estimates as well as lengthy warranties. Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as needed and get multiple quotes before you make a final decision.

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