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Winter storms can knock power out to homes in many ways, from snow build up on trees and power lines to gusty winds. During our recent blizzard of 2018 many Hampton Roads residents experienced lengthy power outages. Although many Hampton Roads residents use gas systems to heat their home, those systems still use electricity to run and function. When losing power to your home there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your system comes back on and runs properly once the power is restored.

Heat Pump Systems:

The refrigerant in the compressor takes time to warm-up before it can properly operate. If started cold it puts a very large demand on the system that can cause the compressor to fail. This is referred to as refrigerant slugging. This will be more critical in very cold conditions and as the unit ages. To prevent the system from over working switch the heating system over to emergency heat at the thermostat. This will engage the supplemental heating elements in the system when the power is restored. If your power is out for more than one hour allow the system to run in emergency mode for 6 to 8 hours.

Gas Furnace Systems:

During an electrical power outage, turn off power to the furnace. When the electricity is restored to your home, the electrical grid may have some power fluctuations that could damage the electrical components of the furnace. Once electricity is back, it should be safe to turn the furnace back on.


There you have it. Two simple tricks to aid in avoiding damage to your heating systems in the event of a power outage. If you have any problems with your system once power is restored, call R. A. Styron to schedule an appointment with one of our heating specialists today.

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