Why Is My Furnace Humming? | R. A. Styron | Heating Specialist

Noticing a humming or buzzing noise coming from your furnace? You’re not going crazy and hearing things, it’s actually a common problem. There are a few reasons you are experiencing this; they range from failing equipment to simple maintenance related issues.

This is a problem that will require a visit from your local heating specialist. However, here are a few problems your furnace could be experiencing causing this noisy issue.

The Blower Motor:

A blower motor that is dirty or not functioning properly is the most common source of a noisy furnace. Blower motors become noisy when they are not properly lubricated or are in imminent failure. Dirty blower motors are always in indication of a dirty air filter. Dirty filters allow dirt and debris access to the inside of your system damaging its components like your blower motor. Changing your filters regularly will drastically reduce breakdowns and help keep your energy bills down. Check out our blog, here, for tips on changing and choosing the right filter for your home and system.

Loose Equipment or Duct work:

Small parts like belts, nuts and bolts will gradually become loose on older or poorly maintained furnaces. If looses parts are not addressed quickly you won’t have to worry about the noise too long. Loose parts will certainly lead to complete system failure in no time at all. The same can be said about duct work. Older and poorly maintained duct work will develop holes and loosen up leading to vibration and air leaks. Both of these symptoms can be easily avoided with a good maintenance package. If you haven’t had a cleaning lately call your local R.A. Styron heating technician right away to schedule a maintenance visit.

Bad Capacitor:

A failed capacitor is one of the more common repairs we find. If your furnace is on but the fan is not turning, your capacitor is the culprit. This is another repair that will have to be taken care of by an experienced technician, but it should not cost you a small fortune. Luckily, capacitors are yet another component checked during maintenance visits. When capacitors are in the beginning stages of failure they will start to swell making it easy to identify before the failure actually takes place. Having a failing capacitor replaced before they actually go out completely can save you and your family from sitting in a cold home for hours or possibly even days.

If you are experiencing a noisy furnace don’t delay! You will only find yourself with more issues than just an annoying noise. If you are anywhere in the Hampton Roads area R. A. Styron can help diagnosis and repair your noisy furnace. We’ll have you back up and running quickly and painlessly.



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