Furnace Installation and Replacement

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Furnace Installation and Replacement

If your furnace is totally disabled or has reached the end of its life span, R.A. Styron Heating & Air Conditioning will install a new system quickly to ensure you and your family's comfort. Utilizing the latest technology, we calculate for the correct size and efficiency for your home. Best of all, our representatives provide you with a free estimate first so you can evaluate your options.  Once you've made a decision, we help you choose the right heating system for your home and budget.

What are the signs that you need a new furnace?

Age aside, there are some obvious (and some more subtle) indications that it may be time for a new heating system or furnace replacement if:

    • Your furnace needs frequent repairs.
    • Bills are going up despite usage staying the same.
    • You notice that some rooms are hotter or colder than others.
    • The furnace is cycling on and off more frequently.
    • Humidity in your home has become problematic.
    • Your furnace becomes excessively noisy, rattles, buzzes, or hums.
    • Excessive dust, dirt or particles are coming out of your system.
    • You see visible signs of rust in and around your furnace, or if any of the components show cracks or corrosion.

What's the average lifespan of a furnace?

Today’s models tend to operate reliably for 20 to 30 years. If your unit is more than 15 years old, it’s not a bad idea to begin considering your furnace replacement options.  Consider having your system evaluated today. Don't wait until frigid temperatures, call us today.  We're here to help.

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When is the best time for a furnace replacement?

We recognize that a check-up of your furnace isn’t always top of mind - or convenient.  However, late summer is the best time to schedule a check-up or for maintenance, should you need a replacement.  Give yourself ample time to ensure that your heating system will provide the efficiency and maximum comfort throughout the winter months.  Call our furnace replacement specialists today.

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