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Have you noticed a significant spike on your energy bill during the winter months (and even in the height of the summer)? High energy bills during heating season may not necessarily mean that your heating system needs replaced or repaired. Often times there are other areas of concern in your home causing your heating system to run longer and harder to keep you warm.

Here are the top four reasons you may be experiencing much higher energy costs in the winter months.

Poor Insulation

Every home has an enclosure called an energy envelope, which consists of the exterior walls, ceilings and openings, such as windows, entry doors and skylights. A properly insulated energy envelope allows minimal heat transfer, keeping indoor temperatures consistent and reducing the need for the heating system to compensate. Poor insulation, on the other hand, allows heat to escape and increases required indoor heating.

Air Leaks

This goes hand-in-hand with poor insulation. All homes have windows and doors that likely let heat escape. If these openings are not sealed properly you’ll not only allow the warm air to escape; you’ll also experience cold drafty areas in your home. As homes age air leaks develop around door frames and windows quite easily. Our blog, here, provides steps to identify and repair these common air leaks around your home.

Inefficient Heating

Heating systems require energy from electricity or burning fuel to generate heat. Inefficient heating systems generate less heat, requiring more electricity or fuel. This is why, when buying a new heating system, you should seek out those that are both ENERGY STAR® certified and have a high AFUE rating (for furnaces) or SEER rating (for heat pumps). The more efficient your heating system is, the better value you get for every dollar you spend on fuel or electricity.

Lack of Maintenance

Keeping up with HVAC maintenance is important, as it keeps your HVAC system in tip-top shape. In addition to scheduled maintenance performed by your HVAC contractor, regular inspections and replacing the air filters when needed greatly helps reduce the strain on the system. You’re also less likely to encounter problems such as your HVAC becoming low on freon with a properly-maintained system.


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