How Do I know If Its Time For A New Boiler? | R. A. Styron | Boiler Specialists

Typically, most boilers should last between 30 and 40 years.  However, it’s not crazy uncommon for one to last longer. As long as it’s well maintained over the years, you could have it for 50 years!  Here are just a few things to keep in mind when dealing with Boilers.


  1. Boilers may become weaker over time. If your boiler is 50 years old and experiencing problems it’s likely time to start considering replacement. Any boiler system at that age is bound to start experiencing multiple costly issues with no guarantee it will continue running. In some cases parts cannot even be obtained because the boiler is so old that the manufacturer has stopped producing replacement parts.


  1. Having an annual check up on your boiler could help keep yours performing strong over time. A good maintenance service includes a very through cleaning of the whole system and a diagnostic check to ensure proper operation. Oil boilers tend to gunk up around nozzles so regular servicing is a good way to avoid costly repairs in the future.


  1. The HVAC industry is always evolving and constantly developing new more energy efficient systems. Boilers are no different. Upgrading your boiler should lead to lower energy consumption and lower energy bills every month.


  1. If the layout of your home changed a decent amount since your boiler was installed, it may no longer be suitable to perform properly and supply the amount of heat and hot water that you need. If you have had or are considering additional bathrooms, rooms or radiators in your home, it is best to keep in mind the impact this could have on your boiler and central heating system.


In fewer words, here are the main signs your boiler could be coming to the end of its life cycle:

  • Persistent breakdowns
  • A high-cost repair is needed
  • Flue problems
  • Fuel efficiency and environmental pollution
  • Boiler noise

With well over 60 years in the HVAC industry R. A. Styron Heating & Air of Chesapeake, VA has the knowledge and tools to repair or replace any boiler system no matter the age. Our experienced technicians will diagnosis the your system and provide you with options for repair and/or replacement depending on the age and issue. If you already know that your system needs replacing R. A. Styron will provide you with a free estimate with multiple options. R. A. Styron services the entire South Side of Hampton Roads. Rather you live at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach or in rural Suffolk, scheduling is simple online or over the phone any time of day.

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