Thunderstorms and Your A/C | R. A. Styron Air Conditioning | V. A. Beach, VA

Summer thunderstorms are pretty common in the Hampton Roads area. When these storms become severe they could result in damage to your air conditioning system. While the chances are minimal the impact could be costly.


Severe storms often bring strong wind gusts and lightning causing power surges. Because power surges and electronics are not compatible your air conditioning is in danger of being damaged. Damage to the electrical components in your system can lead to large repair bills and even replacement in some cases. The best way to avoid damage from a power surge to to simply cut the system off when lightening is in the area. Switching your thermostat into the off position until the storm passes could possibly save you thousands on repair costs.


Unsecured objects and hail can also cause damage to your outdoor system. It’s always best to put away or tie down loose objects like yard furniture and toys. If your air conditioning is hit by any flying objects or hail the potential of damaging the system is high. Covers for your outdoor unit are available to aid in avoiding damage but they can also cause damage if not used properly. A/C systems should never run while covered so be sure to remove them prior to cutting the system back on.


Air conditioning systems are made to withstand heavy rain fall. Rain storms are good because they wash away dirt, dust, and pollen that can cover your system. If your yard holds water easily you may want to think about a drainage system. While a/c systems can endure heavy rain, 6-8 inches of standing water can lead to all sorts of issues. If you find your system submerged, cut it off and leave it off until a well trained professional can assess the damage.


If you notice damage to your system after a storm contact R. A. Styron now to schedule an assessment. Normal business hours or not, R. A. Styron is here to help get your home cool again! You can always reach us online or by phone at 757-420-5488.

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