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During each season, you put different demands on your HVAC system. Summer calls for plenty of air conditioning, so your heating system spends these months lying in wait. When fall and winter roll around, it becomes time to break out the heating system again and shelve the AC. This cycle repeats as each new season comes around.

What about spring, though? Spring is a time when you can get a mixed bag of weather. One day may be sunny and warm enough to go without heat, while other days may be rainy and cold. As winter comes to a close and spring approaches, here are some of the things you should do to make sure your HVAC system is ready to tackle whatever you throw at it.

Think About Upgrading

If you’re going to upgrade your HVAC system, spring is a great time to do it. The weather generally isn’t too extreme one way or the other, so a few simple fans or a space heater can get the job done while your whole-house system is out of commission.

Many homeowners will let a struggling A/C or heating system go during the end of the winter or summer with thoughts of replacing in the off season. The problem, once you are no longer using the system it’s out sight and out of mind until the real heat or cold weather hits. By then it’s too late and you find yourself in an emergency situation to replace the system. The spring is the perfect opportunity to get estimates on replacement with plenty of time to make a decision on what best suits your home and finances. Often, homeowners are able to find better deals on replacement in spring simply due to the lower demand of heating or cooling repairs during the off season.

Simply put, replacing in the spring will save you time, stress, and money. If replacing seems overwhelming to you, you’re not alone, learn the 4 most import factors to be considered in our blog, here.

Fix Any Problems

If your system is not at the point to think about replacement but still have lingering issues, now is the time to get it fixed. So as above with customers thinking about replacement, repairs are easier and often cheaper in the spring. On occasion replacement parts, especially warrantied parts, need to be shipped and can sometimes have lengthy wait times. If you have to, the mild spring weather is a best time of year to go without the comfort of your heating or cooling system.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Nobody knows how to keep your HVAC system working at peak performance better than an HVAC professional. No matter what the season is, scheduling preventive maintenance can save you money on heating/cooling bills and prevent costly repairs that could leave you high and dry, or should we say, hot or cold.

During your spring maintenance tune-up, a professional will make sure all parts of your AC are clean and working properly. They’ll remove debris, test all components, clean the coils for better air flow, clear and treat the condensation line, and make sure that it is running at peak performance. These are all tasks that are best left to qualified professionals who are comfortable working on air conditioning units and know how to do so safely.

A good maintenance should be performed every 6 months. As with any piece of mechanical equipment continued TLC can go along way in the performance and life expectancy of the system. You can head over to our maintenance blog for all of the added benefits you’ll see with a good tune-up.

If you find yourself in need of replacement estimates, repairs, or maintenance R. A. Styron is your one stop shop. With over 60 years of experience we are able to help with anything from the heating/cooling of your new construction dream home to new additions, repairs on any type of system, or maintenance. It’s never too late to start maintenance on your HVAC system.

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