If you are looking for a new air conditioner, it can be intimidating to review all the different options out there. One of the first things, and perhaps the most important, is to identify what size air conditioner you should have installed to meet your home’s cooling needs. Installing a system that is too large is just as costly as installing a system that is not large enough.

Here are three reasons you why you need to ensure you are having an appropriately-sized air conditioner installed:

Keeping a Suitable Indoor Humidity Level: Air Conditioners not only aide in keeping your indoor temperatures cool, it also works to lessen the humidity levels. If your system is too big, more than likely, it will meet the desired temperature too fast to address the humidity levels.

Lowering and Maintaining Energy Bills: Although a system that is too small may keep up with keeping your home cool, inevitably, it will be forced to run more frequently or possibly nonstop. Although you may have saved on initial equipment costs, your energy bills will go up eventually costing you more money every month.

Allowing Proper Cycling: In addition to humidity concerns; a system that is too big for your home could cause increased energy bills, as well. The larger than needed system will cool your home down too quickly and shut off, not allowing your air conditioner to run through the proper cycling. Because the system will be turning on and off constantly you will use more energy causing your monthly bill to go up.

Let the experts here at R. A. Styron help take the guess work out of choosing the right sized system for your home. We will be able to provide the appropriate sizing and type of equipment best suited to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Our policy to always provide customers with three pricing tiers so you can decide what is best for your family and wallet. We do offer free onsite estimates on replacements as well as new installs and financing options is always available. Contact us through our website here or give us a call at anytime at 757-420-5488.

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