Flooding and Your Outdoor Unit | R. A. Styron | A/C Specialists

Here in the Hampton Roads we often deal with hurricanes and other large storms this time of year. Flooding is always a big concern when these storms approach, especially in lower lying areas like downtown Norfolk and parts of Virginia Beach.

Outdoor units are built to withstand wind, rain, and even hail. They are designed in a way that all interior components are protected from moisture to prevent damage during inclement weather. However standing water can result in severe damage to your system.

Deep standing water could harm moving part and electronics inside the system. Overtime, standing water can cause system components to erode and deteriorate. This could lead to not only system breakdowns but complete failure. If you experience this type of severe flooding it is highly advisable to have it professionally inspected prior to restarting it.

If you have duct work under your home be sure to have that checked after flooding, as well. Duct work that’s been submerged should be removed and replaced immediately. Ducts contaminated by flood water can compromise your indoor air quality and health. Moisture in your ducts can quickly become a breading ground for bacteria and mold.

Best thing when dealing with heavy rain storms? Shut the system down completely at the thermostat until the storm has safely passed. If you find that the system has been submerged in flood water we highly suggest having it inspected prior to turning the system back on. R. A. Styron has been a fixture in Hampton Roads for over 60 years now. Don’t hesitate to call if you experience any kind of a/c problems.

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