3 Ways To Help Your A/C During A Heat Wave | R. A. Styron | A/C Specialists VA Beach, VA

Saying it’s hot outside right now is an understatement! Summers in the Tidewater area do tend to be on the warm side but this heat wave we’re experiencing is one to remember. With temperatures near 100° and the heat index topping out at 110° your air conditioning is going to be working overtime. Even newer fully functioning systems will be tested.


Luckily, there are some things you can do to help your system out.



Your air conditioner works by circulating your indoor air. Heat is pushed out at the outdoor unit, cooled at your indoor unit, and pushed through your vents to cool your home. When air flow is restricted you’ll notice less air blowing through your vents making your system running longer. There are a few easy ways to increase air flow:

  • Open all closed interior doors.
  • Make sure your filters are clean.
  • Keep registers clear of obstructions like furniture and drapes.
  • Adjust your ceiling fan to blow air downward.



All appliances and electronics in your home put off heat even when not in use. Try restricting most chores to early morning and late evening into the night. If you’ve ever needed a good reason to put off that laundry for a few hours, this is it. Cut appliances/electronics off and unplug them when possible. Try avoiding the use of these appliances/electronics:

  • Washer and Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Stove and Oven
  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Lights (yes, even a light bulb)



Windows and doors can let loads of heat through even when they are closed. Leave drapes and blinds closed during the day to drown out the sun. If possible purchase black out curtains and/or blinds to help keep sun rays at bay. All homes have some air leakage at opens like windows and doors. Weather stripping them will greatly reduce the amount of hot air getting in and cool air escaping. Our blog, here, is a helpful step by step guide on sealing them. Your cool air can also be lost to a very hot attic. Your attic space can easily hit 150 during a heat wave. Installing an attic fan or some sort of ventilation up there can greatly reduce the temperatures above your head.


Following these three easy steps will greatly reduce the stress on both you and your system. Having your system cleaned by a professional is an additional measure to help your system keep you cool. If you haven’t had your system serviced be sure to schedule one soon. A good maintenance plan will extend the lifespan and reduce breakdowns as well as increase productivity. Let R. A. Styron’s maintenance and service department be your go to for all things a/c. We’ve been helping your friends and neighbors stay comfortable for over 60 years and counting. Stay cool and safe during this heat wave, Hampton Roads!



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