If you don’t think you have enough ornaments, I’m here to tell you about ways you can get/make more! Here are just a few cheap and simple ideas for someone who has a passion for HVAC.


Made From Scratch (DIY) HVAC Ornaments

Did you know it was possible to use a dryer vent to create a wreath? Start by gluing the two ends together into a ring. Spray paint it green and decorate it with a red bow and some pine cones. Now you’ve got an HVAC Christmas wreath!

If you’re feeling really crafty, make three different dryer vent rings, each of slightly different sizes. Stack them up, biggest to smallest, and spray paint them white. Add a scarf, hat, some black buttons for eyes, and a corncob pipe, to make a snowman! You can even glue it to a white HVAC air filter so it looks like a snow scene.

If that’s not enough, make a few different dryer vent rings, all of slightly different sizes, and stack them up largest to smallest. Spray paint them green to make a dryer vent Christmas tree. The more rings you stack, the bigger your tree will be. Put a star on top, so it comes to a point, and decorate it with garland, ribbon, colored beads, or other types of ornaments.

Pre-Made HVAC Ornaments

Crafty or not, you can still join in the HVAC holiday fun. There are plenty of HVAC-themed ornaments you can buy. There are some shaped like A/Cs or furnaces. Others look like the tools that are used to fix an HVAC system, such as hammers and drills, along with toolboxes, tool belts, and more, surrounded by leaves of holly.


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