Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of year again. So much turkey, stuffing and much more! Unfortunately, you were the chosen one to host this fantastic meal and to have everyone over your house! For some people, this may be as simple as 1.2.3, while others may see this as the end of the world. Regardless, these few tips can help ease your mind a little bit on this day!

Here are some Thanksgiving dinner preparation tips:

  • Do not plan last minute:Set a menu and talk to your family about the classics or favorites in the family.  No doubt it gets frustrating when they’re 10+ people who all eat different things. If it gets to hectic with that, consider a pot luck thanksgiving. All the family gets to be together and chip in together.


  • Do your best to keep the warm air in: If you’re like me, the doors will be open and the heat will be blasting. My bill does not agree with this. Nor does my husband. I’m not saying you can’t have any doors open but let’s just keep our electric bill in mind! Be mindful of all the kids running in and out from playing football and all of the other fun games.  


  • Change your filter: Systems run 10x better with clean filters and they provide a healthy air for everyone to breath in the house!


  • Keep the thermostat low or off: While the financial burden may be partially on you to host Thanksgiving dinner, you may actually be able to save some money on the big day. How you may ask? Turn off the heat! Or at least turn it real low. This is because you will most likely have more people in your home and an oven working constantly. This will naturally bring up the temperature of your home without the assistance of your furnace.


And most importantly, dress comfortable! The more your pants can stretch equals the more stuffing you are able to eat!

P.S., don’t forget the deviled eggs!

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