New Year New System

The holiday season is over for now and it’s a new year! How about New Year, new system? I think that has a nice ring to it! 2019 is a year for new beginnings and why not make it new all around. If your system is still relatively new this won’t apply to you, however, for the people in the back who are overdue, here you go!

There are many different types of heating systems you can choose from when you are going to replace your old unit. It may seem overwhelming but that’s why you have us! After all, how are you going to know if you are making the right decision!? We are here to reassure you that there are NO bad decisions when it comes to your new heating system! Whether you go with a heat pump, gas furnace, packaged unit, or one of the many other many options, it is going to be more efficient than your old equipment. Plus, you will have the guidance of Ralph Styron himself. (who has been in the field for 30+ years) He will be able to guide you down the right path and provide you with many different choices and prices that will make this process go a lot smoother.

So, what are some of your heating system options?


Heat pumps:

Heat pumps are electric-powered heating AND cooling units that operate in pretty much the same way as an air conditioner – through heat transfer as opposed to producing original heat. Producing original heat consumes more energy and will cost you more each month.


Gas furnaces:

 Gas furnaces are the natural gas powered heating methods commonly associated with powerful heating needs. These systems do have the need to produce original heat. HOWEVER, if natural gas is less expensive than electricity in your area it can be preferable heating method cost and efficiency wise.

Oil furnaces:

 Oil furnaces are just what their name implies – oil-powered heating methods. These units also produce original heat. But, they can be dirtier and take up more space than a natural gas furnace.

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