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Is Your Home Properly Prepped for Your Christmas Guests? | R. A. Styron | Virginia Beach

By R.A. Styron | Dec 18, 2017 |

Getting your home ready for your holiday guests isn’t only about cleaning, cooking, and decorating. Making sure that your heating system and plumbing is in tip top shape should not be over looked. Nothing can put a damper on the holiday spirit like a broken heater or backed up plumbing. Add these few simple tips…

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12 Plumbing Facts You Probably Never Knew | RA Styron Plumbing | Virginia Beach VA

By R.A. Styron | Dec 14, 2017 |

At R. A. Styron, our plumbing service is almost as popular as our HVAC services. From toilets to sewer lines to showers and more – we’ve got you covered. We have already gone over some of the most common plumbing myths, now we would like to share some of the most common plumbing facts: 1. Standardized…

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Why Does My Gas Furnace Pilot Light Keep Going Out? | R. A. Styron Heating Specialist | Chesapeake Va

By R.A. Styron | Dec 12, 2017 |

Tired of your gas furnace pilot light going out? It’s frustrating, especially in the frigid temperatures Hampton Roads typically sees. Here are a few common causes of this problem and how to fix them. Problems with the thermocouple: The thermocouple is the copper rod you see the pilot flame hitting. It’s a safety device that…

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Tips to Prepare Your Home For The Winter Season | R. A. Styron Heating & Air

By R.A. Styron | Dec 8, 2017 |

The fall and winter seasons bring the joy of pumpkin patches, bonfires, corn mazes and warm apple cider. It also means that the cold winter is right around the corner. Here are some simple HVAC tips to ensure that your family will be warm and comfortable in your home this winter. • Change your filters: Air…

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Is Your Ductwork Working For You? | R.A. Styron | Virginia Beach, VA

By R.A. Styron | Dec 6, 2017 |

Air ducts are a vital component of your home’s HVAC system, and any ducts that are leaking can reduce the performance of the system considerably, increasing your energy costs and making your home less comfortable. Properly sealing your ductwork is a relatively simple process, but there are a few things that you should know first.…

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7 Common Furnace Problems to Watch Out For | R. A. Styron | Heating Specialist | Chesapeake VA

By R.A. Styron | Nov 21, 2017 |

A furnace is indispensable in most areas of the country, especially during winter months when the weather becomes unbearably cold. Indeed, your heating system provides you great convenience and makes your home a comfortable place to live in. Without it, you would have to bundle up and huddle around the fireplace just to stay warm.…

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City Inspection – Why Is This Necessary? | R. A. Styron Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. | Virginia Beach VA

By R.A. Styron | Nov 17, 2017 |

When you have a new HVAC installation in your home or business, part of the process involves having a city inspection.  You might wonder why?  Here is why cities require permits and inspection for HVAC installation: HVAC Installation is Complicated Installing a new HVAC system is not a DIY project. Removing an old HVAC system…

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What is Ductwork and What Can Go Wrong? | R. A. Styron | Ductwork

By R.A. Styron | Nov 14, 2017 |

Clean your ductwork. Seal your ductwork. Insulate your ductwork. Why is there so much emphasis on this one particular component of your HVAC? It’s simple – if you want your ductwork to work, you’ve got to do a little duct work. Ductwork: An Introduction In heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), ductwork is used for…

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Should I Replace My Furnace? | RA Styron Heating & Air Conditioning | Chesapeake

By R.A. Styron | Nov 13, 2017 |
furnace replacement by R. A. Styron Heating & Air Conditioning

Before repairing or replacing your gas furnace, here are 5 telltale signs that your heating system has reached the end of its useful life. It’s best to start investigating now in the fall instead of the middle of winter when you are rushed into a decision. Since nearly 30% of our annual energy bill (approximately…

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3 Reasons to Consider Buying a New Air Conditioner in the Fall | R A Styron Heating & Air | Chesapeake AC Specialist

By R.A. Styron | Nov 9, 2017 |

  With temperatures dropping, your air conditioner is likely the last thing on your mind. What many homeowners don’t know is that fall is an ideal time to purchase a new air conditioning system. Below are a few advantages to buying a new air conditioner now instead of waiting until next cooling season.   Avoid…

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