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Why is My Shower Head Leaking? | R. A. Styron | Plumbing Specialist

By R.A. Styron | Feb 15, 2018 |

Next to stopped up drain lines, a leaking shower head is one of the most common plumbing problems homeowners have. Not only can the constant drip-drip-drip of a shower head become increasingly annoying to hear, but it will cost you money each month when you receive your monthly utility bill. There are multiple reason why…

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Why Annual Maintenance is so Important | R. A. Styron | Virginia Beach VA

By R.A. Styron | Feb 12, 2018 |

Have you scheduled your annual HVAC system maintenance yet? You might shrug off this task, but it’s more important than you think. Spring is right around the corner and the summer heat will be here before you know it. Why Is Maintenance So Important? The purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep your HVAC system…

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Four Things to Consider When Purchasing a New HVAC System | R. A. Styron

By R.A. Styron | Feb 9, 2018 |

Whether you’re a new homeowner buying your first HVAC system or a seasoned homeowner, there are many important things to know before installing a new HVAC system. When choosing a new furnace, heat pump, or package system, it’s important to hire a professional with years of experience and good reviews. But, finding a quality heating…

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Common HVAC Terms You May Want to Know (Part 2) | R.A. Styron – Chesapeake VA

By R.A. Styron | Feb 6, 2018 |

The HVAC industry can be a maze of unfamiliar acronyms and industry terms. This dictionary style blog will help you navigate the most common terms you’ll come across during your buying decision. Rather you already have estimates and need help deciphering or you’re prepping for estimates these terms will go a long way when discussing specifics…

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Advantages of Replacing Your Furnace and A/C Together | R. A. Styron | Chesapeake Va

By R.A. Styron | Feb 1, 2018 |

Year-round comfort of your home greatly depends on the heating and cooling systems in your home. Often times, we are asked why should I replace the heating system when the cooling system dies and vice versa? Some homeowners are tempted to replace only the system that is giving them the most trouble. It’s easy to…

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How to Get Healthier Air from Your Heater | R. A. Styron | Heating Specialists

By R.A. Styron | Jan 29, 2018 |

Every forced-air heating system, like a furnace, has a filter (or it should). When you run your heater, it first sucks in air from around the home and then heats it before blowing air back out to the rooms. Any dust or debris in the air could get sucked in and forced out with it,…

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The Top 6 Things You should NEVER Put Down your Drain | R. A. Styron | Plumbing Specialists | Chesapeake VA

By R.A. Styron | Jan 25, 2018 |

The Top 6 Things You should NEVER Put Down your Drain We get calls so often from customers with stopped by drain lines. More often than not, this problem is caused by people putting things down their drains that should not be there. Even with a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen sink, you should…

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Why You Should NEVER Cover Your Air Vents | R A Styron | Chesapeake | Heating Specialists

By R.A. Styron | Jan 22, 2018 |

Most homeowners think covering or closing air vents is a great way to redirect air to other rooms in your home. This is the most common idea people have when trying to save energy with their HVAC system, but there are a number of reasons you actually shouldn’t cover your air vents. Why You Shouldn’t…

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Operating your Heat Pump During Winter Months | R. A. Styron | Chesapeake Heating Specialists

By R.A. Styron | Jan 19, 2018 |

Nine Things You Should Know When Operating Your HP During Winter Months   Heat pumps can be a great option for any homeowner, pretty much anywhere! They are the most cost-effective option (when compared to other electric heating methods that create original heat), and they can be a great way to optimize your year-round heating…

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Strange Plumbing Noises and Their Causes | R. A. Styron | Chesapeake VA

By R.A. Styron | Jan 16, 2018 |

Did you hear that? What was that noise? Plumbing problems may not always be seen, but often times they can be heard. When your pipes begin to make strange noises, sometimes it’s a clue that it’s time to call a professional. Woosh: A whooshing sound in your shower could mean a buildup of minerals has…

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