Preventative Maintenance

Don’t Let A Toasty Fire Ruin the Holidays

          Halloween is over and now it’s time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nothing is better than the sweet smell of fresh cookies, Cider, or cooking of the turkey. However, some may not be able to smell that if a kitchen fire over powers that. Believe it or not, turkey fryers are…

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Is Your HVAC System Prepared For Winter?

It’s Fall Maintenance Time! It may not be cold enough for heat yet, however, if I were you, I’d want to be prepared for when I do need it. We prepped you for summer and now it’s time we prep you for winter! Fall HVAC maintenance checklist: AIR CONDITIONING Why does your AC need checked/cleaned…

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Can I Control My AC With My Phone?

Today, smart phones connect us with nearly everything and anything and it seems that this isn’t even the end of that trend. This technological revolution is also extending to the way we control indoor comfort. With that being said, I would like to introduce the new and improved SMART thermostat. Today’s thermostats or control systems…

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HVAC Manufacturers Promote Residential Ductless Training

HVAC Styron Chesapeake VA

Ductless technology, much like any other piece of HVAC equipment, requires proper training and education for contractors and technicians alike. “Training is the key to any equipment being installed properly,” said Mark Harte, technical training manager, Daikin North America LLC. “With all the new technology out in the field, being properly trained to not only…

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